Roofing & Siding Insurance Claims

Living in the Calgary / Airdrie area means that there are the possibilities of weather related damages to your home. When you turn to your insurance company for the repairs, it is important to ensure you have the right contractor for the job.

Typical insurance claim process:

  1. Damage is caused to your house by an event (hail, wind, fire, etc)
  2. Start a claim by calling your insurance company or broker
  3. An adjuster will be assigned to your file and will inspect the damages to your home.
  4. Claim is approved or denied, based on the adjusters findings.
  5. If approved, a contractor can be chosen to begin the work. (Contractor is required to submit an estimate based on the scope of repairs laid out by the adjuster)
  6. As a home owner, you have the right to choose the reputable Contractor of your choice, providing that they meet all the standards needed to perform work in your jurisdiction (license, Insurance, WCB).
  7. Once the Contractors estimate is approved, most insurers will send a co-payable cheque made out to both the Contractor, and you as the home owner (usually minus the deductible owing).
  8. If the repair is completed to your satisfaction – simply endorse the co-payable cheque by signing the back, and hand it to the Contractor. There is usually an amount owing over and above due to the deductible that the insurance company subtracted from the total amount paid. In this case you would pay the Contractor the difference.

At TS Contracting, we have worked with most major insurance companies, and have a reliable reputation.

Why choose TS Contracting?

  • Local Company with 15 years in the industry
  • 5 Year warranty on installation, plus applicable manufacturers warranty
  • We can advocate on your behalf for damages that may have been missed by your insurance adjuster
  • Competent, experienced crews that have been trained in their craft, and provide top notch customer service
  • Use of top quality products that have been tried and tested to be better than builders grade products
  • Fully Licenced, insured, carry WCB, and are listed on the BBB as an A+ buisness