Soffit Installation in Calgary / Airdrie

Soffit is basically the outer skin that covers your eavestrough — without it, your rafter beams would be left exposed. They serve both an functional and aesthetic purpose. Soffit is commonly made in aluminum and vinyl, as well as wood, steel and fiber cement.

Soffits main function is to protect your rafters from the elements and prevents mold and rot.

Soffit comes in many different styles and colors to suit your taste and instantly add character to your home.

Advantages of Aluminum Soffit

  • Durable. Does not crack, rot or chip.
  • Water-resistant. Great for wet areas.
  • Easy to clean, doesn't attract dirt.
  • Fire Resistant, in case of fire.

Advantages of Vinyl Soffit

  • Great material for insulating your house.
  • Does not rot.
  • Many textures and grains to choose from.
  • Most affordable siding option.
  • Very easy to keep clean.
  • Excellent for moisture areas as it is water resistant.

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